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As an artist I have always been searching for our roots, as human beings.

It has always seemed clear to me that in finding my roots, I would gain access to my greatest potential. So Ancestors have always been an important topic for me.

This is why I call what I do ‘environmental research and design’, because I find it absolutely imperative to research what is there, so that we can design what we can make out of it.

So if I can accept what my ancestors and our collective ancestors created and passed on, if I can appreciate it, and then add my own bit of potential to create a great possibility, than I have all the potential to become a worthy and inspiring ancestor of the future.

Moveroot is definitely a wild-horse creation made to design a new, functional and fulfilling lifestyle, that can inspire many. Also many may come to me and profit from my path in life, as I would love to help them create lot’s of healthy and happy lives. This is really environmental design, because helping people to experience their own strength is creating loads of potential to design a new and healing environment.

Get outside and move to your roots!


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